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Two brief and interesting takes on language and names for today –

In this article – http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/mar/11/pronunciation-errors-english-language – the author discusses 8 common pronunciation errors that have been important things shaping English language. My favourite one is called Affrication – in which changes in pronunciation happen in a single generation.

Back when I was a child or a teenager, calling anyone who was married an aunty or an uncle was the norm. It is not so simple for today’s kids – calling someone an aunty or an uncle is a no-no unless the person gives her or his consent. American teachers in college face a different dilemma – not all teachers can be called professors as they are yet to earn that title after academic experience and merits; a few need to be called Doctor if they have a doctorate; others can be addressed with a Ms. Or Mr. prefixed to their name. That leaves the students and the teachers confused. What must the teachers do?