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The race-divide; 5-May-2014


I remember going twice or thrice to this very famous builder whose salespeople always told me that there were no flats available even when there were hoardings and newspaper advertisements about their new building projects. A couple of days ago, a colleague told me that many local builders choose to sell apartments to only the regional people of this place. Politicians make open speeches and references to further deepen the regional divide. Colour-divide persists in India. My dark-skinned beautician once asked me in a desperate voice for tips to become fair. For many Indians, the most important factor that defines beauty is fair skin. Money of course creates great divides but it may also lessen certain divides. The selling of apartments to regional crowd is decreasing as builders become more open to sell to anyone who has the money to buy their unreasonably expensive structures. Here’s a thoughtful article on race-divide: how it still exists in subtle ways; how your future is still determined by the colour of your skin or by birth; and how we bemoan the troubles of the world without realizing that we, ourselves, are sometimes the troublemakers.