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I see the consequences of poor city planning and infrastructure everywhere: when it rains, some houses get flooded; when you take out your car, the potholes and broken roads mar your car; when you go for walks, on long stretches of road, there are no footpaths; when you open you taps, the hard water scars taps, sinks and tiles or whatever it touches with its stubborn salts; even after you pay through your nose for your house, the roof leaks, the paint chips off in less than a year, or the tiles come off; when you take out your bicycle to get some fresh air, you are shoved in middle of smoky traffic or get pushed to a side by cursing drivers; or, if you wish to take your children to a park or a garden, either you may not find one nearby or if you are lucky, you may get access to a matchbox sized area that is called a ‘park’. We are far behind many countries that plan and design their spaces and structures so well. China, in its attempts to improve governance, is sending its people to study such functionally superior structures around the world. The article looks at why China is not looking at so many important places in the western world – what’s going wrong there and what did the west do right in the first place.


Here’s India-election-map – it will show you who all chose the majority and how badly the old government performed.