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When I ask people if they manage to read the web articles I provide links for, some of them struggle to explain how they have stored the mails for future reading or some say that they did manage to read a few of them, and some tell me that they wanted to read but just couldn’t manage. There are other responses too but I wanted you to focus on the last one – the ones who want to read but can’t manage. I have been wanting to read so many books but there are too many distractions. Call it an excuse but reading an intense book requires time and effort. When it comes to time management principles, several experts recommend that we do not check our emails the first thing in the morning. Alas! Checking emails, WhatsApp messages, tweets or facebook updates is such a much-wanted distraction at times that it is difficult to put some serious amount of time aside for intense reading. If you take frequent breaks while reading a long book, the mind will have to work harder to make connections the time you pick up the book after a break. The article today is a very interesting analysis of how reading habits change with cultural/technological changes.