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Luddites were anti-technology people in the nineteenth century who believed that machines would eat up their jobs. Well, machines did but machines also created newer jobs. The author of the article looks at this cycle of technological advancement, creation of better standard of living, loss of a few jobs but also the creation of different jobs. He is positive that technology’s usefulness far outweighs the unemployment it creates.


The Human Genome Project of sequencing the entire human genome (DNA) got completed 2-3 years before the deadline. Now there are sequencing machines that can tell you about your DNA/genome. A child’s DNA can predict whether a child will develop a particular disease in future. And, this is just one of the major applications. As experts try to figure out the ethics behind finding out the information of one’s genes, here’s one person who fought to sequence his unborn child’s DNA and who is vocal about why that is okay: