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I am in awe of majestic creatures such as the elephants – gentle souls who themselves do not understand the sheer strength they possess. And, we slaughter these magnificent beings for greed of ivory. Similar is the case with African Rhinos, which are killed for their horns. And, although cutting off their horns should not kill them as they can survive without horns, poachers attack them so brutally that the rhinos can’t live. Countries are coming up with stringent laws to lessen/eliminate the menace of poaching. However, that does not translate to enough action. Will it be too late for us to keep this magnificence alive?


Avoiding death?

What if after death one’s body could be frozen for future use, or future revival maybe? Some people do believe in it and are ready to pay for it. Here’s a first person viewpoint – from the driver of cryonics ambulance:


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