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I was thinking about an old school friend recently and how we had lost touch until a couple of years ago. Within a day or two of thinking about her, it felt magical when I got a WhatsApp message from her. She too did not have much idea on how it happened (how she found me again). But, then, in light of great things, who bothers about ‘how it happened’ stuff. It did brighten my entire day and I kept telling this to anyone who was willing to listen. Connectivity is such a wonderful thing.

Well, not every time! As apps, and programs invade everything that we visit (on the internet) and use (on our gadgets), privacy is not that private anymore. Advertising and the fight for space on the user’s computer and phone is very abundant and the user, as yet, does not have much control. Here’s an example of how companies are sneaking on you.


In the next article, the author attempts to justify how sneaking is so pervasive and common that we should stop raising our eyebrows every time Facebook changes it policies to spy on us.