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I must be growing old. When I open my mouth and start doling out my non-stop chatter, little do I realize when a few sentences become well-meaning advice that nobody asked for. Funnily, my friends have kinder ways to remind me of that. They instantly shout – alright MOM! Or, they will tell me – Please, don’t be a mom! They had a good time two days ago pulling my leg about things I had pointed out to them.

All this was still playing in my head before I read part of this beautiful, and so refreshingly honest and witty commencement address to college students by Kurt Vonnegut. Yes, you will hear a little bit of mom and dad speaking in your head while you read what Vonnegut had to say. But, you will also find what slightly younger people (as Vonnegut said in his speech) want to tell the slightly older people. It will also tell you what we are all so intolerable about.


I liked a lot of things in the address; here’s one of them:

“We are supposed to be bored. It is a part of life. Learn to put up with it, or you will not be what I have declared the members of this graduating class to be: mature women and men.”