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Here’s some more philosophy on life (the first link). What got me interested in the first one is that someone (Theodor Adorno) saw the problems behind rampant consumerism early on and could so clearly articulate the ramifications. The second link points to an interview that shows the vivid workings of the mind of a theatre-person. So go through some part of it – whatever your time and mood allows.

The great philosopher Theodor Adorno

Had Hitler met some good philosophers early in his life, our history may be far different from what we know of. Here’s some distilled wisdom of Theodor Adorno who talked about what things are not that important and yet command our attention and what things are important that we ignore or do not learn.


The first night

No, the article is definitely not as exciting as the subject line. But, interesting it definitely is. The article is an interview with a theatre person – a person who not only writes plays but also breathes and lives plays. From the analogies (he compared lines of play with architecture) that he draws to explain aspects of theatre to the stuff that he reads (he read quantum physics once) for inspiration, the man and his work seem very fascinating.