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Keeping up the fight

Our brains are high-energy-consuming organs. They demand more when they are formed (and later as well) and they are formed when babies are developed in their mothers’ wombs. That is one reason why the process of baby-formation is such a difficult one in humans. This complex process of creation (of reproduction) is biologically not a very romantic one – it is actually a war between the growing foetus and the mother’s body. Interestingly, both mother and baby survive and remain healthy if both their bodies keep fighting and keep their sides up. Otherwise, well, there is disaster.


Man of Science or Scientist?

The word ‘scientist’ wasn’t an acceptable word for quite some time after it was coined. Five out of seven great men of science disapproved the word. Of course, it picked up and we still use the word. The article is about the word’s interesting journey from its inception to its place in our active vocabularies.