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Robin Williams and Suicide

Losing Robin Williams is sad. It is sadder that we lost him to suicide. Here’s a well-written piece on how brilliance and intelligence can be isolating, how fame is never enough for a fame-hungry star, how good work is never enough for a perfectionist, and why the death of Robin Williams makes such large ripples than most deaths.


Charles Bukowski’s letter of gratitude

As much as I liked the writing in the article mentioned above, I like to talk about people who are not only survivors but more. Here is a letter of gratitude from writer Charles Bukowski to a publisher – John Martin (whose help freed Bukowski of his day job and got him to dedicate his time following his passion – writing) – with some beautiful insights. Bukowski tells us about how slavery never left us and that we are slaves to systems, processes, and work in general. Worse, we go back every day to the slave job. He says it better himself: “They never pay the slaves enough so they can get free, just enough so they can stay alive and come back to work.”