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Teaching is such an important work for the society at large. However, when I ask a class of smart youngsters on how many would be interested in taking up teaching as a career, rarely a hand or two go up (in a class of 50 to 60 students). The job of a teacher today is an underpaid and unattractive job; whether I have been in a small city or I worked in a metropolitan one, I have always seen a dearth of good teachers. The problem has remedies but the remedy is definitely not making education a business, as this editorial opinion says:


Helicopter Teaching

Helicopter parenting means hovering over your kids all the time – putting up with their ill manners, being not particular about discipline, and taking decisions for them when the children should be trying on their own. Have we arrived at the stage of Helicopter teaching when students need to be spoon-fed learning in place of being active learners taking responsibility of their own education? With helicopter teaching, will we be able to produce independent adults who can think for themselves?