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I have seen mild cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in people; some people are obsessed about cleanliness, while some are obsessed about their fitness. For that matter, we all have our fetishes and obsessions. But, I haven’t seen an extreme case as shown in this article: here’s a case of a girl, who has an OCD about a lot of things.


The second one is another gem of an article. The link has been contributed by a reader.

While working for an organization last year, I came across a person who told me how hard he tried to break away from the perceptions of the society at large towards his kind of people. He would dress smartly, he would try and learn how to make his language more polished and he would avoid sections of the city in which those perceptions prevailed. If you belong to a particular class of people, how are you perceived and treated by others in the society? If you belong to a class of people who were treated inferior in the past, do those old perceptions go away completely? The past does not leave us so easily, does it?