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Taking advantage of pressing issues in Basketball

Nothing beats reading an article with a superb analysis. I used to be a fiction aficionado. And, although I had good readers telling me that I should try my hand at non-fiction, I stuck to fiction for some more time. Fortunately for me, I picked up a really good non-fiction book to read first. It was Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I was fascinated by such convincing analysis – Mr. Gladwell would give detailed stories, data, and examples to build up his point like an Iron Tower. By the end of the example, story or chapter, he would have persuaded you to be on his side of the debate.

I did not intend to put the link to this article because of its length till a reader pointed it to me again saying the article was beyond brilliant. It is a fine analysis, for sure.


Hello Kitty!

And, if you are not prepared for the long shot, here’s a short read that will attempt to persuade you how cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh aren’t animals but humans really. It is a fun read – something that a few Indians would call “time-pass”.


The importance of History

While I was learning a bit about software, one of my classmates was an unemployed young man who would sincerely participate in the learning process. When asked what his major in college was, he replied it was masters in history. The teacher responded kindly – “didn’t you find any other subject to major in?” In India at least, people studying anything apart from Engineering or medicine and a few professional degrees do not get jobs easily. Coming back to history – does studying history really help? When it is about learning from past    wars, it does. Here are some good answers: