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Remember Avatar, a movie in which humans wanted control over a resource-rich land? What if you are a strong country which is into rapid industrialization and needs resources? Well, if you are a China or a Russia, you will look at a resource-rich neighbour – Mongolia. Locked between two powerful nations, how vulnerable is Mongolia? And, with China’s and Russia’s interest in this country, what will the cost to Mongolia be?


One of these times I heard a friend saying that American Spy/thriller/action movies have enemies/villains portrayed (majorly) as Russians. What Vladimir Putin does is often criticized by United States. We do have some idea of US’s opinion on Russia. How about some strong opinions in the sphere of international politics on how and what Russia thinks?


What if Scotland becomes an independent nation, after being separated from the UK? If you read about the freedom movement, the speeches shouting independence can be deeply stirring and inspiring whether the ideal of freedom is achieved post the independence (or not). Here’s what a person feels about Scottish independence: