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I met a friend yesterday who got a stunning haircut. Good hairstylists are like artists – creating art with scissors and combs. A piece of art is not necessarily just a Picasso, it can be beautifully designed car, a well decorated room, an aesthetically appealing building, or a beautifully stitched dress. Art is important but why it is important is difficult to articulate. This interesting video attempts to showcase some of the reasons:


Of Stains on Stained glass

As children we loved playing in our grandfather’s big house. It was fun to play hide and seek – the house had some nice nooks in which we could hide. On the first floor was a massive bed (haven’t seen a bed as big as that ever after) on which hazy light from the pretty stained glass windows would fall. Geometric in design, the colourful stained glass windows were beautiful. Such windows are often found in medieval churches.

Have you seen block prints on cloth? Imperfections often creep in during the printing process but it is these handmade imperfections that add to the uniqueness of design. A similar concept applies to stained glass – imperfections are a part of the original technique of stained glass design and this author loves the imperfections; he doesn’t like the perfectness that comes with modern ways to create stained glass. But, there’s more that this expert brings about stain glass in this article – he brings his opinions about popular creators of stain glass and their creations. Along with the article, do check out the exquisite accompanying pictures.