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The importance of slow reading

It has been a while since I picked up a book to read. Don’t get me wrong – I read for hours but I read online. It is not exactly fast reading always because I automatically slow down once I get involved in the story. However, I am also an old-school reader – the temptation to curl up in a corner of the room with a book is huge. Since I am a book addict, I have kept away from it. That has led to no reading from books for some time now. And, it would be nice to get into that mode – read for the pleasure of reading rather than rush from one article to another. Today’s article talks about the movement of slow-reading in which people switch off their electronic gadgets for an hour and read from a book (old-school style). Among the benefits of slow-reading are its stress-busting aspects, and deeper involvement with the text.


Internet Vernacular

Dialects of a language change with geographical, cultural, or social factors. Another factor is technology – as internet becomes a widely utilized medium for exchange of information, changes in language are apparent. Some of these are absurd varieties such as Dogespeak and Lolspeak. Check how much of this internet vernacular has seeped into your language: