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St. Expeditus, a Roman Centurion, was the opposite of procrastinators. Perhaps that is how we got the word expedite (to speed up) and that is why today’s world idolizes Expeditus (it is a fast moving world!). Procrastination (putting off things or work for later) has been blamed since ancient times and therefore, it brings shame and constant guilt along with it. Well, we do know that procrastinators have existed since centuries. There must be some use of procrastination then. Delaying or dawdling must have certain benefits to survive – this author has a point:


If you are procrastinating reading the article on procrastination, perhaps you have time for some interesting trivia on eating. The author tells us how the places we choose to sit in a restaurant define our food choices. If you click on the alphabets in the picture (on the webpage), it will tell you what kind of food (salad, alcohol or fried food) people sitting at those places are most likely to order.