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Here are two well-written articles on changes in the way we read as more and more readers have moved online. Both do not criticize this trend; rather, they present a well-analysed picture of the evolution of reading.

Adapting to Digital reading

Apart from presenting the shifts in the way we read, the article highlights what text (and factors) make/s us read better. Reading enthusiasts are alarmed that as reading moves online, people are reading superficially not deeply. The author argues that deep reading even while reading online is possible and what is more, it can be taught.


Digital Media will persist

The author presents an argument for digital media and the kind of reading (books made deeper reading possible while we skim though information in digital age) that permeates our current culture. He makes a case highlighting how a generation that grew on print media has taken to and is critical of reading online. Interestingly, he says that just like radio and television haven’t made us stupid, getting into reading digitally too will have its own advantages.