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My spouse demands heart-breaking amounts of butter on an already buttered toast. Once in a while, when our friends are coming over, my spouse whips up some delicious non-vegetarian fare. He is liberal with all kinds of fats and generously slathers his food with it. If he sees me squirm, he tells me that I come from the planet of misers. I do admit that butter, cream and cheese add flavour to our food. The problem is that the excess adds to our girths too. Chefs world over use butter in all sorts of preparations including sauces. But, there’s more as this chef would tell you about the secrets of what goes inside the kitchen. He will break myths about pork and chicken and he will also tell you how a decade or two ago, many ‘criminals’ in American prisons were cooks or how cooks hate vegans and vegetarians. Moreover, once you read this article (from the archives of The New Yorker), I guess you are going to be careful about what you order in a restaurant.