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Being present

When I was 16, my family travelled to Nepal and a few places in Eastern India. We stayed at a family friend’s unoccupied place. Here I discovered The Most Beautiful Horse by Boris Almozov. Till date, it is one of the most beautiful books that I have read. The book is about the joys and struggles of growing up, friends, and family of a sixteen year old Russian boy. The book left a long-lasting happy impression and even after so many years, when I recall some of the story-moments, it leaves me smiling.

So much of children’s literature is imaginative and timeless. Here’s a fine example of writing: about a child who longs to use her umbrella and boots. The beautifully illustrated story is about the impatient wait for rain.


The veil of secrecy

Long ago, when my friend kept her pregnancy a secret from me, it hurt. I have a problem of over-sharing and when my best friend couldn’t reciprocate the openness, I sulked. Now that I know that it is a common occurrence, it doesn’t matter much. Here’s an interesting discussion about the secret and openness aspect of it.