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Isolating the sick and those people in contact with the infected person can contain the spread of Ebola. What are the challenges of spreading awareness about Ebola when illiterate or less literate people live in close proximity, share items and live in an unhygienic environment? What does one do when for the people the bigger challenge is not the scare of getting infected by Ebola but getting food and shelter?

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Beauty – not skin deep but life deep

I was going to stop reading this write-up midway after I stopped paying attention to all the cat and dog talk: that humans behave more like dogs do – that we can’t size up others easily. But, before I could move away, the writer begins to talk about beauty – how it has rules, how it is a game, how it is controlled by people who don’t care who they hurt, how it spawns self-dissatisfaction, how the transformation from child to adult is hard, or how it is difficult to see the depth in life of a person than to see external beauty.