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Review of a book depicting Stalin’s Ruthless Ascent

To call Hitler’s concentration camps cruel would be an understatement. Perhaps worse than those were Stalin’s Gulags which went on for decades and in which millions perished. Many authors have tried to unravel the minds of these dictators (Hitler and Stalin). Here’s a well-critiqued review of the latest one (book) on Stalin.


Who says you can’t quantify literature?

When I meet two of my friends, who happen to be mathematics teachers, we sometimes talk about how maths assessment is easy because it can be quantified and how English is subjective and difficult to be quantified. In this article, the author talks about what can be quantified about books and their authors such as the number of words which help to determine whether the book is a novella, a novel or an epic novel; the number of words or syllables can determine whether the poem is an epic poem or a haiku; or the number of word forms or speeches that can be counted in the works of Shakespeare.