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Time does not tick at the same rate everywhere

It is news for me that the pace of time speeds up as we move more and more away from the Earth’s core. If you shift a very accurate clock from the floor to the wall, its time will change by a sliver of a second because of gravity. That’s a problem because if a clock that has to keep time for centuries (like a standard for time), how will it measure time accurately if there are differences in time with factors such as change in height? These are some of the issues with creating an accurate clock.


Trouble with a genetically modified future

My mother-in-law makes this amazing tomato chutney out of ripe tomatoes toasted on fire, their charred skin peeled and then their pulps crushed with spices and oil to create (and I love this phrase) a burst of tangy flavours. When I tried to replicate it, no matter how charred the tomatoes became, the result unfortunately wasn’t that tomato-water-rich wonder. So I asked her what didn’t go right (we live thousands of kilometres apart). She told me that I would require the local fat tomatoes not the firm modified ones that are commonly available in the market. Well, genetically modified crops are here to stay. In fact, we do not realize to what extent modified crops have invaded our kitchens. Is that a good thing? With new technologies or discoveries, it is difficult to understand the future impact especially in terms of the harm they can cause. Nuclear reactors are supposed to be safe and so are GMOs (Genetically modified organisms). But are they?