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I find predictions fascinating. Forecasting about the future is difficult. Nevertheless, it makes for interesting conversations and critiques. The author in today’s article talks about how the future won’t bat an eyelid when it comes to assisted death and choosing death. How it won’t be such a big deal! How people would be able to choose their time and place of death and the police would not interfere – perhaps it is more of wishful thinking on the part of the author than a prediction about the future.


Grief fashion

I remember a school teacher (who was a Christian) raising a question on why Hindus dress up in white during mourning (and why not black as Christians do). Some students replied that white is a symbol of purity reflecting the purity of the departed soul which had departed heavenwards (something like that). The teacher said that black symbolizes sadness or grief and was therefore a more appropriate colour for funerals. Everyone’s entitled to his/her opinions and beliefs in the matters of death; what matters is that people should be able to see off their dead with dignity. Returning to the idea of black colour for mourning, I read an article on how wealth and power among others factors decided the quality and style of black dresses for widows in the past century and how the grief fashion evolved: