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Bless my homeland forever

As children we (my brother and I) watched two video tapes frequently – The Sound of Music, and Tom and Jerry. Apart from being a movie that won several Oscars, The Sound of Music is a musical with some beautiful music and sing-along songs. The final song Edelweiss – the song on a native flower that grows on the Alps – expresses the Captain’s love for his homeland. As he sings the song while strumming on his guitar, the audience joins to sing along with him. And then the captain and his family flee from Austria – their native land – to another place. Interestingly, Edelweiss is not even an authentic Austrian folk song. But, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s made it one. The melodious small song was the last one by Rodgers & Hammerstein as Oscar Hammerstein passed away before he could witness the success of this song.

Elvis Presley begins to face the camera

Here are some pictures of the introverted but not camera-shy Elvis Presley:

And, here are a few notes on why repetition in music is so enchanting: