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A few days ago, the front page of newspaper warned against excessive antibiotic prescription in India. Some doctors justify this by talking about the unhygienic environments that most Indians live in. Several infections get picked up in hospitals. The result of this excess and often unwanted prescription is the creation of ‘superbugs’ – antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The first link talks about how it is killing several newborn babies in the country. The second one summarizes the threat.



If my spouse is not in the city to pick me up from the railway station or the airport, he asks me to hire a cab. However, at wee hours in the morning or late in the night, I sometimes find the semi-open auto-rickshaws safer – in which I might have the option to jump out. Although I hate crowds, I prefer people around me (public transport is sometimes safer) if I ever travel at odd hours. I know, my options might sound ridiculous. However, if you are a woman traveling in India, you must have your antenna up and find the safest ways to commute and travel.