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Here are some very interesting correlations. The first article discusses how cultural differences in societies (American/European versus Japanese/Hong-Kong, South Korea) arise because of varied farming (Europeans are wheat growers and South East Asians are primarily rice growers). Americans and Europeans are very individualistic that is they like to stand out from the crowd while South-East Asians are more holistic, context-sensitive thinkers. It is a surprising but convincing correlation:

The second one is on how running is a better exercise than walking. The article states that running can reverse aging to some extent and let older people enjoy better movement and energy levels. I liked the part of “any physical taxing activity is likely to make you a better physical machine”.

The third one is not a new idea – since the times of yore we have used storytelling to influence people. Management gurus, the business world and the start-up world are rediscovering the power of storytelling to sell their ideas.