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It was quite shocking at first to know that a cousin of mine had to undergo psychiatric treatment. She had issues but then who doesn’t? If you are strong enough, you can combat any situation, right? A smart scrabble player I used to play against in online scrabble had bipolar disorder. And I remember being surprised when while chatting between (scrabble play) moves he had nonchalantly disclosed the fact. That sums up my earlier attitude and the attitude of a lot of other people towards visiting a shrink/psychiatrist. Now I have known several people who have gone to the doctor or a counselor for getting help with depression. I know a few who have taken it for years. That scrabble player was living in Italy, a developed country where visiting a shrink does not involve as much shame as in a developing or an underdeveloped nation. Ironically, we need the treatment more: as the author puts it – in poor countries there is a good deal more to be depressed about. The write-up is about the success of an initiative to spread mental health awareness and create systems that can address people who need treatment.