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Living it up beautifully

It is notable that for some people pursuing his/her dream does not have a specific age. In his review of a biography, the author speaks about a remarkable writer who started pursuing her dream of a writing career just shy of turning 60. The lady (Penelope Fitzgerald) went on to become Britain’s most admired novelists earning respectful reviews for her books. She was crowned with a Booker prize in 1979 for her novel “Offshore”. Fitzgerald got better in writing with age and wrote historical novels in her 70s.


The hated bard who wrote memorable poems

On the other hand is an eccentric British poet – Philip Larkin – who passed away in his 60s. He started young, wrote two great novels, gave up writing while working on his third novel and turned to poetry. His biographers have criticized his personal and social life. But, his work – his poems – as the author of this article says “transcend his vices and virtues”. Here is the story of a great poet, who was surprised when he first became famous.