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The Un-killable soldier

While watching one of my spouse’s favourite television shows – the popular motorcar show Top Gear presented by the goofy but interesting presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May – I ended up watching a very different episode that featured injured soldiers. The soldiers did repairs and participated in an unusual Dakar rally – a motorsport event. These were battle-wounded soldiers, each of whom had lost some part/s of their bodies. The moving episode showed them preparing for the event in spite of their handicaps, racing in the rally and receiving a standing ovation for their performance. Today’s article is about a brave soldier who despite losing an eye and a hand, kept coming back to fight. He would pull the pins of grenades with his teeth and throw them with his good hand. He had bullets in his skull and knee among other places. But, he would return – to fight in another war. As a result, he had participated in the Boer war, World War I and World War II.


Uncomfortable healthcare

There is lot on Obamacare – new/modified healthcare policies in USA – in news. When you read about it, it gives glimpses of the emphasis on healthcare in developed countries and the struggles to make healthcare affordable and available to all citizens. More than that, the reading will also drive home uncomfortable realizations about our own chaotic healthcare systems.