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Some man-made things are classics – a classy song, a fantastic movie or a superb book for instance. Here’s a review of a great piece of music in which a visiting professor of Music talks about why he thinks Black Messiah (album) by D’ Angelo is such a fine piece. In doing so, he analyses the rhythm, harmony, melodies and lyrics of the songs.

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Continuation of politics in Romance

The second read for today is about a power couple – Mary Anne and Benjamin Disraeli. The match, as the book and this book review say, was a strange one. Mary Anne Disraeli was nothing of a model political wife. She was eccentric in her dressing and in her language – she was adept at making “spicy” conversations. Her spouse – the famous British conservative politician of the 19th century – had been a failure at many things before he met and subsequently married her. However, the book on this strange couple points to an important insight – that the Disraelis’ personal life was responsible for much of Benjamin Disraeli’s political success. The reviewer further uses this information to point to an advantage that Hillary Clinton has as a politician.