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We come programmed with certain instincts – for instance our instincts of love towards kin and children. Now, it is known that mothers’ (and even fathers’) brains get a bit of more programming before, on, and after the arrival of the baby.

The importance of “Daddy Months”

We assume that only mothers need maternity leave to bond with their babies. Fathers need some time off with their children too. Arguing this case is a lawyer turned stay-at-home dad: he explains how being a full-time caretaker for his daughter adds meaning and value to himself; he explains why it is difficult for men to take a longer paternity leave or be a stay-at-home dad because of ingrained cultural beliefs, and not-too-well-thought-out policies at work; and he explains why he would be willing to give up on a great professional career with a fat pay for more personal time with his family and a less-than-great professional career.
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