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Diversity in campuses and diversity at work are important issues today. Organizations aim to have a more diverse workplace in which more women can participate. While there have been books written on how to get more women on board, and discussions among women and advice columns for women on how to deal with work issues and people, there is less advice for men on how to deal with women and related work issues. Today’s first link is for men who look at positively finding ways to better understand women and their issues at work. As the writer puts it – men need to join the conversation too.

Fertility Fog

There is a “brief” period in the lives of women from adolescence to youth to middle age when women want to do all sorts of things – have an identity, get married, have a career and have babies. Wiser women realize that you cannot have it all or you may have all but at different points of your life. Youth and fitness bring about the notions that youth can last forever and that women can be fertile and energetic for a long time; and contemporary culture brings about ideas that biological clock is more of a midwife tale. And while all these notions cloud a woman’s brains, her biological clock keeps ticking. Finally when she wakes up, sometimes it is too late.