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The Long Wait for rations

While some nations celebrate the drop in oil prices and the subsequent drop in prices of commodities, oil-export dependent nations such as Venezuela are facing the heat. Such is the shortage of basic food supplies that citizens stand for hours in long queues to get the allotted rations. If they don’t, they go hungry.

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Only “Urgent” Passport

I have a lot against bribes and if I am convinced that I have to give a bribe to get some work done, I have no clue how to offer bribes; so, I was worried when my passport had to be renewed. I shouldn’t have been concerned. I did have to go through the process of application, police verification, and some wait for the passport but I thankfully got it without greasing anyone’s palms. However, if you do think that the Indian process of applying for passport is tedious, you views will change once you find what happens when a person’s passport has to be renewed in Pakistan.


The Wait for Warmth

Winter air in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia that houses half of Mongolia’s population, is filthy as people burn rubbish to keep themselves warm in temperatures plunging to minus forty degrees. Sixty percent of Ulan Bator’s population lives in unplanned and often unhygienic neighborhoods called ger districts. The government has plans to revamp the capital by throwing in $28 billion in development plans. Only that it does not have that much money.

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