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Running out of cool names

I remember reading the story of a little boy called Lowly. He was ashamed of his name. By the end of the story, he learns that the name hardly matters because a person may not live up to be what the person’s name implies and because what you are is more important than your name. Nevertheless, people are proud or ashamed of their names. A few people even change their names. However, that’s about people. When I wanted a nice name for this activity of sharing well-written reading material, I found that quite a few exotic and innovative names were all taken. So, I had to settle for the clichéd but relevant The Readers’ Club or Buzzing Hive. How inventive your name is can be easily found out through Google. In today’s first write-up, the author talks about the issues that musicians face in naming their bands and offers some solutions.


Cantaloupe and McQueen

A friend wanted to name his dog Don Quixote, a famous literary character, but couldn’t because his sister and mother disapproved. Another friend had named his dog Simba (from The Lion King) and I loved the name. If you have a whimsical name for a pet, it is fine because the pet will not protest. If you want good names for characters of your story, you must think well because you are creating an identity. So, it is good to dig deeper before creating a name.