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Military leadership can teach us a few things about leading and commanding men. A few years ago, I was chatting with a young disillusioned army officer who wanted to move out of the army because he didn’t think he was learning anything during peacetime getting the responsibility of managing the bar and events for army kids. In almost any profession, employees feel jaded after a while and want to move on. Even so, some employers can manage to retain desirable talent. It is fascinating to observe how bosses behave with their employees. Leadership is a much discussed topic. Good employers know how to recruit, how to deal with and how to retain good talent. Bosses, good or bad, are often the subject of discussion and gossip. In the article today, the author offers some lessons from the ways Romans dealt with their slaves. The Romans were comfortable with leadership and command. In the write-up, the writer brings forth the idea that inequality is an important aspect of management; knowing how to command, then, is not the same as having the organizational skills to run a unit.

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