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Crows understand Analogies

I like crows – they are magnificent birds until they open their beaks to let out a cacophony of caws. I like their shiny black feathers and their cute waddled swaying gait. Apparently, crows are smarter not only looks-wise but also brain-wise. Interestingly, it appears that these intelligent birds have the intelligence of a five-year-old human child. Crows are smart enough to distinguish between solid and hollow objects, are good at crafting and using tools, and what is more, can exhibit analogical thinking – something that was known only of humans and some monkeys (apes in particular).


What we think are defects could actually be useful features

I am not sure if I understood the technical process of difficult-to-produce tiny bump at the end of a zipper. But, I did understand the message of how we think majority is right. Well, here’s a short but interesting story of the making of a zipper – a very tiny and useful technology in clothes and various accessories.


A propensity to look towards the bright side

I used to find writing quite therapeutic – I am talking about a time when encouraged by my father, I started writing a diary. I discovered that by the time I finished writing on something, I ended on a positive note. Looks like I am not alone. A new study indicates our inclination towards optimism: that languages have more positive words than negative ones, and that the median happiness score (as shown by research) was more than five.