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The Secret of Feeling Good

Ours is a culture obsessed with happiness – we want to be happy, sometimes even at heavy costs; we chase happiness; and we steer clear of worry. Anxiety makes us uncomfortable and we had rather stay away from it – after all, early philosophers have also advised to stay away from this emotion. However, this author argues that anxiety is important to become a moral person. He further advises that we should cultivate moral anxiety – that we should learn to feel it at the right times and in the right ways.


Worried moms

A friend despaired over her baby’s food habits – the kid just wouldn’t eat anything healthy. She had tried so many things and after loads of doctor visits over cold infections, the doctor had told the parents that it is alright if she eats – even if it is anything junk. Later, I would see many more such desperate parents who constantly worry about their children’s (not-)eating habits. Here’s another worried mom who learns to put her worries aside:

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