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I had a letter pad in which a small comic character holds an ice-cream cone loaded with around 10 scoops of colourful ice-cream and the caption at the bottom of the page read: ” Too much of a good thing is wonderful”. Food engineers make food look and taste great by manipulating what goes into making a food. We don’t listen to our already full stomachs because that food taste overwhelms all our senses and we push our elastic tummy bag to the extreme. In the same way, advertisements have flooded our world so much that we are constantly distracted by the bright colours and lights, and catchy captions. I know people who are addicted to games such as candy crush and scrabble. I have been addicted to them at some point of time too. I am so scared of picking them again because I will leave everything important to play “just one more game”. There is so much seeking our attention that it all leads to obesity of the mind. The book review highlights how real experiences are sidelined by manufactured ones and how it is important to understand these and find solutions.