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Einstein’s Pipe

Einstein’s legacy is his scientific papers. However, something that tells us that Einstein was human would be his material possessions – especially the ones that he valued. But Einstein wasn’t materialistic – he was a simple fellow who lived with few things and left fewer things behind. One thing that belonged to Einstein and which is highly valued is his smoking pipe. Einstein would regard his pipe as something that would help him think well. Even after the doctor told him to quit smoking, he would still hold an empty pipe and chew at it.


Preserving Lenin’s body

Extraordinary efforts have gone into preserving Russian Communist Leader Vladimir Lenin’s body since his death in 1924. Lenin’s body had been cut and usual embalming methods could not be used to preserve his body. At that time, scientists and embalmers did not have access to modern embalming methods. These hurdles, however, gave rise to new methods of preservation and spun off other medical (and useful) applications.