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I do remember many of my teachers. Few talked about a lot of things, often trivial or irrelevant and coursework took a backseat; few were limited to only coursework; a few of them were terrible and wouldn’t even have much idea of their own subject; and few, of course, were amazing teachers – their classes had the right balance of coursework, relevant information, and some beautiful insights. Few teachers were approachable – I could talk with them inside and outside the class and they were willing educators. In the article today, the author, a professor himself, raises questions on whether students remember their teachers after passing out of college, whether they create opportunities to speak with their professors outside the class to gain insights on things other than coursework, or whether students come to college solely for the purpose of making a career or also to look for a meaningful education. What is the role of a professor today? Has the role of a professor changed and become limited to only giving instruction in the class?