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There was a phase when I fell in love with capsicum and would put the vegetable in almost everything I cooked. It tasted fine most of the times but once when I added chopped capsicum while steaming sprouts, the two ingredients were just not made for each other at least in the way I used them to prepare a dish. That was probably the end of my love affair with the vegetable. Certain ingredients go very well with each other and some just don’t. Besides that if you understand the basics of cooking – knowledge of taste changers or spices, the right time to add an ingredient while preparing a dish, the right temperature for cooking a particular dish, understanding of the tools used for churning out a variety of dishes etc – trying out new recipes can get you good results faster.

IBM’s app is designed to help you to cook well. It is called Watson. If you tell Watson what ingredients are available with you, Watson will show recipes that have those ingredients. You have options to make the ingredient a major ingredient or a side one. Here’s a chef who used Watson for a week. He got some interesting results.
Are you Sherlock chefs ready to take assistance from Watson then?

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