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You know what happens when you live in a place for a long time? Simple. You get used to the place so much that you stop noticing the regular but interesting stuff or the seemingly ordinary happenings and activities around you. However, if you travel to a far-off land, You become more attentive and you seem to notice everything – even what seems mundane, ordinary or routine to its native people. Travel lends different perspectives. Sometimes, travel also opens our eyes to the sameness of human beings everywhere despite the differing cultures, religions, races, professions, food or environments. In a different land, you are a learner whose eyes explore the horizon ready to allow new perspectives to take shape.

Here are few pages of a travel diary written by a traveller travelling to a less frequented place – Yemen. It is a well written write-up and you will find yourself travelling with the author to the Yemeni city of Ta’izz exploring the place and talking with the locals. Check out the amazing photographs as well. Trust me, your travel with the author is going to be a great experience!