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Around two decades ago, this city where I live was heaven. Every few metres you would find green cover. The temperatures were many degrees lower. For many months of the year, you would need some warm clothing. Now, the temperatures have gone up. An explosion in population has lead to a lot of green cover being replaced by concrete buildings. Hills have been cut after repeated burning of trees and declaring the land barren so that more lucrative building constructions can happen. For around three to four months of the year, air conditioners can bring much needed relief from the heat. It is not only this city but most of the country that is reeling under a terrible heat wave. And yet, there are people who deny that climate change is a reality or that irresponsible human activity and global warming are ruining the planet. This, as today’s article will tell us, is willful ignorance – simple ignorance coupled with the decision to remain ignorant. There are many other dangerous cases of willful ignorance. How heavily are we paying for such ignorance?