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This one is an old article that I bounced on after trying to find more about The Nurture Assumption – a book by Judith Rich Harris who challenges the assumption by her contemporary and earlier psychologists that parents play the most important role in shaping a child. In other words, if a child turns out wayward and deals with bad things as drugs and theft, earlier psychologists believed that it was a result of poor parenting. On the other hand, earlier psychologists believed that good children are a result of responsible parenting. Ms. Harris gives an example of a parent who encourages a timid child to try a courageous act and discourages her other bold child to not try a similar act. Harris says that these differing responses from the same parent were shaped by the temperament of the respective child. Not vice versa – that is, the child shaped the parent’s response. The writeup is on Harris’ child development theory. Even if you are not a parent, the article is going to tell you a lot of bitter-sweet things.