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We all bicker about our cities, states, or countries. Some of that complaining is justified and some is not. Most of us don’t think that the freedom we have is enough. My mom would say that if you want to be happy look at someone who doesn’t have as much as you have; if you look up to people who have more than what you have, it will cause you unhappiness. In this world of haves and have-nots, let us look at a country (Eritrea) where the only safe topic to talk publicly is football. Freedom here means fleeing the country in spite of shoot-at-sight orders.


And what happens to those who attempt to migrate illegally? Some make it, many do not. In an attempt to help illegal immigrants, the Italian government has opened its doors an decriminalized illegal immigration. Now, there is a surge of such migrants and this European nation is finding it hard to keep it going. It is facing a rising anti-immigration wave and angry neighbours.