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When Dolly – the first cloned sheep – was created, there was a major controversy over the ethics of cloning. Should humans play God? Can we clone humans too just like we could clone sheep? What if we create monsters? It has been many years and since then, there have been technologies that can do more or better. CRISPR is a new technology which can alter a strip of DNA. It can have several beneficial applications such as correcting -related disorders. It might take years or decades for researchers to use CRISPR for creating designer babies such as ones with higher IQ, perfect vision, or superior physique. However, the flipside is the damage that can happen if CRISPR alters other parts of DNA and the ethics of using such a technology (should we really alter human beings?). Therefore, there must be regulations. And in spite of the drawbacks, the author argues why such a technology must still be used.