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If you smoke cigarettes, you perhaps know that smoking is injurious to health. And, you have a choice – you can choose to not smoke. What if, without having a choice, or without knowing the ill-effects, you breathe, eat or use a hazardous substance. Worse, what if the company that produced the harmful substance willingly hides the information that the substance is dangerous? Decades ago, Dupont, an industrial giant (one if its successful product was Teflon), used a chemical C8 for a variety of purposes/applications. The workers, the immediate environment, and the local community had varied level of exposure to this chemical. Even after finding the ill-health effects of C8, Dupont continued the use of this chemical. The chemical is stable and so widespread that it can be found in the blood of human newborns and several animals in the wild.

It is said that if you work in an Indian industrial city such as Vapi (if you pass by that city, you can smell the chemical-loaded air) for couple of years, then you can expect to live at least a decade less that what you otherwise would. It is scary to know that we are exposed to a concoction of chemicals daily through our environment – chemicals which we did not choose and which slice off time of the quality years of our lives.