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In the computer lab, a student had issues with printing and I was the one helping her/him out. I told the student to not give multiple print commands. Yet, when I would check the printer, I would see multiple prints. I again went and specially repeated that s/he must not issue multiple prints. The result did not change. I was frustrated and my face must have shown my annoyance when s/he asked if “multiple” meant several times! (I wish s/he had asked the first time rather than dumbly doing the same thing.) I believe I had less patience with slow or less smart people. However, a teaching experience can change your views (sometimes) for the better. I recognize that smartness is relative and ‘stupidity’ might mean incompetence, or (the person) needs help. It might also mean that the person is stupid at one thing but smart at another. In any case, is it good or bad to know that one is stupid? How does it feel to be stupid? Here are some really good answers: